5 Steps to Start “Believing” in Yourself

Give Yourself a Chance Again

If you are feeling down and unsure of what to do, then this article is definitely for you.

I have been through numerous days where I felt a complete loss of faith in myself. So first of all, you have know that it is normal, it happens and you are not alone. I know first hand that believing in yourself is easier said than done, but the journey starts with a step, and I am here to offer you five…

1- Accept Your Current Situation

When we start losing faith in ourselves, most of us tend to push by this slump and jump right into were we are expected to be, and that’s just wrong. It is well known that the first step in any recovery is admitting that you have a problem, so lets start there.

It is okay to have a setback. It is okay to lose hope. It is okay to lose the belief you have in yourself. IT IS OKAY.

It can be very challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that shouldn’t be a problem. It is what you are dealing with right now, so you just need to accept your situation and know that it is just that, a situation. So like any other situation in your life, it is temporary, and you will get past it.

2- Focus on What You CAN do

When we are in a state of being down, we tend to start looking at all the things that we are failing at. That is why you need to shift your focus to the things that you can do instead. And before you tell me that there isn’t anything good you are doing, I want you to think again.

You can get up from your bed, you can have a good meal, you can take a walk, you can help someone out, you can do something you like …etc. You can see that you are doing so many things when you actually look at your day. They don’t to be HUGE things. You just need to train your brain to focus on what you CAN do instead of how you can fail again.

3- Start Small

That saying of “Go big or go home” is just an added pressure that wouldn’t be useful at all for someone in a slump. You don’t need to go big, you just need to start.

When you are already in a state of “lost faith”, you already feel like you can’t do anything. So you set yourself up for failure when you try to achieve hard tasks or way too many tasks at the same time, and once you can’t do them, you start procrastinating until you end up not doing anything at all. Thus, decreasing the belief you have in yourself even more.

4- Celebrate the Little Achievements

If you don’t have the positive mindset at the moment, just create one. Reward yourself for any small achievement you do. It can even be that you went a whole day without crying, so you deserve an ice cream to smile over this time.

Don’t wait to reach your end goal to tell yourself that you did a good job. You are doing a great job just by trying to find a way to get back on your feet. THAT on its own is a step forward. So celebrate it and give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself that you are doing great, because you are.

5- Learn From the Past, and Focus on the Future

Learning isn’t always from your mistakes. I want you to look both your successes and failures when looking back. How many times did you get through it? Remember how you did and learn from it. How many times did you make an awful mistake. Look at it, see where it went wrong, and avoid it.

Look at the future, where do you want to be in the next five years? Scratch that, where do you want to be tomorrow? YOU have the choice, to either extend your bad situation (and it’s okay if you need couple of more days) or you want to move forward. Where do you want to be? Know it and work towards it.

It can be a rough path, and sometimes you are just not ready to believe in yourself again. So be true to yourself, accept the state of mind you are in right now, and love yourself because you deserve to be loved just the way you are.

I hope those 5 steps can help you out, and as always I am here to help and I will be waiting for your comment and feedback.

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