3 Reasons to Believe in a Positive Outcome

Finding That Positive Way

Positive outcome? Sounds like a strange phrase to anyone who is going through a hard time at the moment. It is always way easier to start thinking about the worst case scenario rather than how it can all work out.

Even though deep in your heart you can already find millions of reasons, I am just going to keep it simple and give you 3…

1- This is Life

Shocking! I know.

It is not the most revolutionary idea I wrote but bear with me please.

It is not supposed to be all highs, even if we want it to, and that’s okay. Life is hard, and that is the best part about it!

In school, we always had exams to test our knowledge. It sucked most of the time, but if we are being honest, that was the only time we actually studied.

Same goes for life..

We keep wasting time, thinking that we have more of it, but we don’t. Life is short, and we sometimes need a push to get the best of it. That’s when hard times come, to help us focus and develop to become someone who is better. Someone who will land something better because of the person they became after that hardship.

It can go either way, not everyone passes the exam that’s for sure. But those who study. Those who prepare. Those who wants to be better, they WILL end up with a positive outcome, and THAT is the fairness of life.

2- You Know This

I can assure you that this is not the first time you have been in a hard situation. Sometimes it can feel like you have ONLY been in hard situations, I get that, trust me. However, even if it seems that way, you DID get something positive out of it.

I don’t want to keep mentioning who strong you become, because that’s given. Let’s talk about the times you became more sympathetic because you know how hard it can get. Or the times you did something smarter than before because now you know the shortcut. Let’s talk about the times, you were more affectionate, because you now appreciate things before they are gone.

You become a better person, weather you want to admit it or not. You do, and you know it.

3- You Deserve It

You do.

You deserve a happy ending, and what’s happier than a positive outcome?!

You need to believe in your worth enough to know that you deserve to get something out of it. Something good. You are an awesome person, you have been through a lot, and it won’t go to waste. It just won’t. It is hard to believe that, I get it, but it’s the truth. It is also the rule of life, you give something and you get something in return. You gave tears, time and sweat and you will get laughs, joy and success in return. This is how life works, and you are not just anybody. You are someone who is worth a happy ending and you WILL get one.

This all may seem like just words, and sometimes we don’t have the strength to get our hopes up or think positively. That’s okay, but when you decide that you want to have a true moment with yourself, really think about it. You will know that I am right.

As always I am here to help and I will be waiting for your comment and feedback.

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